Shiba Inu Unfolds Shibacals Studio with NFT Hoodie Contest!

• Shiba Inu team launches a physical studio to produce NFT wearables.
• The first product in line for the Shiba Inu Ecosystem is the long-awaited Champion hoodies, adorned with stylish Shiba tags and NFC technology chips.
• Other products include wireless headphones, chess sets, plush toys and $BONE, $SHIB, $LEASH merchandise.

Shibacals Studio Unveiled by Shiba Inu Team

The Shiba Inu team have unveiled their newest venture – Shibacals studio. This physical studio will be producing NFT wearables to add an extra element of fun to the community!

First Product: Long-Awaited Champion Hoodies

The first product from Shibacals is the long-awaited Champion hoodies. These garments come adorned with stylish Shiba tags printed with Hewlett Packard and an NFC technology chip. This chip merges digital and physical worlds – bringing perks like tickets to real-life events, exclusive merch and Shiboshi integration with apparel.

Additional Products Offered by Shibacals

In addition to Champion hoodies, there’s also a range of other exciting products available at Shibacals: wireless headphones, chess sets, plush toys and $BONE, $SHIB and $LEASH merchandise.

NFT Hoodie Contest Launched by Shibacals

To celebrate their launch, Shibacals has launched an NFT hoodie contest on Twitter! Participants must retweet the original tweet pinned on their profile page for a chance to win one of these amazing hoodies! Entries close on June 30th 2023 so get your entries in soon!

Connecting Digital & Physical Worlds Through NFT Wearables

Shibacals is here to bridge the gap between digital & real life worlds through its unique NFT wearables. Not only do they offer a great way to show off your support for this incredible ecosystem but also provide tangible rewards that can’t be achieved anywhere else!