Meme Coin Mania: KuCoin Reveals How to Handle the Wave

• The surge of meme coins has been a surprise in the crypto community, with tokens like Pepe seeing considerable interest from retail investors.
• Exchanges like KuCoin have to balance user demands and potential risks associated with meme coins such as regulatory issues.
• Dorian Vincileoni, KuCoin’s European Business Development Manager, explains how the exchange approaches meme coins and their communities.

Surge in Meme Coin Popularity

Memecoins like Pepe have seen a significant resurgence in popularity in 2023 as crypto markets ride high. Retail investors have shown considerable interest in meme coins, despite them being seen by some as a dangerous fad. Pepe is currently trading at $0.0000014, having fallen almost 68.32% from its all-time high of $0.000004354 according to CoinMarketCap data.

Exchanges Struggle to Balance Risks and Rewards

Centralized exchanges are left having to tackle the fallout of this resurgence of meme coins, having to balance user demands against the potential downsides that come with listing these tokens including regulatory risks.

KuCoin’s Approach

DailyCoin’s Sections Editor spoke with Dorian Vincileoni, KuCoin’s European Business Development Manager about how they approach meme coin listings and their communities. He revealed that they have a dedicated Listing and Research team who analyze projects and their economics before deciding whether or not to list them on the exchange.

Dogecoin as an Example

Vincileoni used Dogecoin as an example of why exchanges can’t ignore meme coin communities even when they start out as jokes – it has become one of the top ten largest cryptos since its creation with a market cap of $10 billion despite its founders describing it as such! He also highlighted that even though these tokens may not have any utility initially, you can’t prevent people from gathering into these online communities which often develop around them regardless – something many exchanges will need to take into consideration before listing them or risk alienating users completely!


Due to the popularity surge of memes coins among retail investors, centralized exchanges must find a way to balance user demand while managing potential risks associated with listing these tokens such as regulatory issues. It is clear that while some may view these memes coins skeptically due to their lack of utility initially, there is no stopping users from forming powerful online communities around them which cannot be ignored by exchanges if they are looking for success!