Max Keiser: „Every dollar that the price of gold goes up, Bitcoin will go up $25 or $30.“

In an interview with Catalina Castro, the Youtuber and crypto educator known as Tech with Catalina, popular Keiser Report presenter Max Keiser gave his overview of what would be 2020 and 2021 for the market’s main crypt currency, Bitcoin.

In an explanation Keiser gave about the relationship between gold and Bitcoin Fiat coins, he mentioned that in the next 6 months he expects the gold metal to mark a new high price compared to the dollar due to what he calls the collapse of Fiat money.

Having explained the relationship of gold and Bitcoin to Fiat money, he proceeded to mention what Bitcoin’s relationship to gold would be and took the reference from Paul Tudor Jones, one of the last big investors to join the crypto market, who referred to Bitcoin as „the fastest horse“.

Paul Tudor Jones will be the biggest Bitcoin fork in 2 years, according to Max Keizer

Keiser stated the horse’s mouth when he explained that if Bitcoin, with its $160 billion capitalization, seeks to reach the gold capitalization, which is close to $10 trillion, Bitcoin would end up going up $25 or $30 for every dollar that gold goes up in price.

Regarding the U.S. dollar, Keiser said that the dollar is „basically dead“ and that it is the U.S. government that is keeping it alive with „accounting tricks“.

„Buy Bitcoin every day“
Beyond thinking about high prices, Keiser advised people to buy Bitcoin now. 1 dollar, 5 dollars, it doesn’t matter that they are small amounts, but that you buy every day so that you are prepared for when „the crisis arrives“.

„I don’t think any Altcoin will survive“

Keiser, who makes no secret of his pro-BTC position, again mentioned his adverse projection for the Altcoins within the market by stating that he believes that none of these alternative currencies will survive in the future and that, in his opinion, they are already stumbling.

To further elaborate on the issue, the Tech audience with Catalina asked Max Keiser why he believed that Altcoins would not succeed in the future. He first responded that the Altcoins are not safe because they do not have enough hash power in their networks.

On the one hand, she mentioned that cryptomontages with the PoW algorithm cannot compete in any way with Bitcoin and its hash rate. On the side of PoS cryptomonies, he stated that they are completely different projects that do not compete in the same area as Bitcoin.