International Blockchain Forum to be held this coming 16 October in Spain

The Iberian Blockchain Institute will hold an International Blockchain/COMUNICAE Forum in the city of Badajoz, Spain next October with international references.

On October 16th, the Iberian Institute of Blockchain will hold in Badajoz, Spain, the „Foro Internacional de Blockchain/COMUNICAE“, in which topics in the areas of Cybersecurity, Technological Innovation and Blockchain will be discussed. Those interested can register free of charge on the official website of the International Forum. This was announced on its website, the newspaper Exitoeduactivo.

The event has been organised by the Iberian Institute of Blockchain and the firms Área Financiera and De la Fuente and will bring together national and international references such as Google, IBM, the American firm Oracle, the national cluster Alastria, the investment fund 15K Angels and the platform iCommunity Labs.

The forum will have more than 20 highly renowned speakers from the technology sector, who will be developing a programme throughout the day that will include aspects that have a great impact on the use of new technologies. Through conferences, workshops, round tables and networking spaces, topics such as the process of national digital transformation, the usefulness of Blockchain technology in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution or its application in companies and public institutions, as well as the processes of entrepreneurship and employment generation linked to these new sectors will be addressed.

The inaugural conference of the event will be given by María Parga, president of Alastria, Blockchain’s national ecosystem cluster, who will welcome the participants with the speech „Blockchain present and future of a fundamental sector for the economy“. The world vice-president of economic development of the US multinational Oracle, Francisco Abbedabro, will also participate in the forum.

As Exitoeduactivo highlights in its article, the Blockchain International Forum has the support and collaboration of the Regional Government of Extremadura, as well as organisations such as the Diplomatic World Institute, the European Finnova Foundation, the Business and Management School -Enyd-, the Alastria Cluster, the technology firm Eternity or the Business Market Network.

Those responsible for the Chilean Government’s Digital Agenda, Miguel Escassi, the Smart Cities engineer and member of Intelligent Community Forum, Agustín Argelich, and the General Director of the Finnova Foundation, Juan Revuelta, have also confirmed their participation in this forum of great international pre-eminence.

Technological Society

The event will take place this October 6, free of charge, in the city of the Basque Country. It will be carried out with a system of attendance – limited capacity according to regulations – and virtual. Adapting to the current security measures generated by the Covid-19 and whose main objectives in the public sphere are to highlight to the public administrations the importance of the new sectors of blockchain technology, cyber-security or digitalisation, which Francisco Loano points out are „aspects that have come to stay in a society that is aiming to accelerate its protocols in these fields“, said the co-founder of the Iberian Institute of Blockchain.

Likewise, in the private executive environment, the forum will be organised in order to achieve several objectives. Firstly, the incubation of a training space for those attending in sectors of great growth and productive development, and secondly, the generation of business opportunities and business networking, as well as the promotion of the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem.

The co-founder of the Iberian Institute of Blockchain, Francisco Loano, highlights that

„From the Iberian Institute Blockchain we have started this forum as a first initiative of others whose vocation is the promotion of knowledge and training in Blockchain as in other tools of digitalization and cyber security in our country, which can lead us to the generation of new jobs and a business ecosystem prepared for the 21st century“(…) he also pointed out that, „Our vocation is to seek the alliance with private agents and companies as well as public administrations in this objective“, he said.

Iberian Institute of Blockchain

The Iberian Institute of Blockchain, is a company that aims to carry out and promote scientific and technical activities related to new information technologies, telecommunications and the so-called blockchains and other related technologies. The development of cultural and training activities linked to technology. Focusing its activity on 6201 -Computer programming activities-.

Spain Technological Innovation

Spain is increasingly interested in innovation and the potential of blockchains. Sectors such as banking, payments, copyright, energy, supply chain, education, communications, are some of them that already make use of the blockchain in their daily work. Its adoption is seen as an opportunity for innovation and economic drive for this region.

Likewise, in Spain, for example, the adoption of the DTL has already begun to focus on banking. Initiatives by BBVA, Banco Santander, Caixabank and Bankia have researched and implemented some applications of this disruptive technology, even investing in startups related to this technological innovation.

In the same vein, a recent project that can be highlighted is BlockchainFUE from the community of Valencia, which offers a public blockchain network for companies and professionals. This platform seeks, above all, to guarantee the exchange of information and the transmission of value with identity functions.

Another initiative is that carried out jointly by the Spanish Association for the Recovery of Packaging (AEVAE) and the company Signeblock, who, through the Gouze platform, aim to track each of the packaging generated by manufacturers and to give it appropriate environmental treatment at its final destination, making recycling possible and promoting the circular economy

Gouze, is a blockchain-based tool managed by a simple mobile app, which specializes in providing connectivity, traceability and transparency to all products that customers decide to register and verify on it.