Cryptoscoptic Ray Dalio described bitcoin as an „interesting“ alternative gold.

Over the last ten years, Bitcoin and other cryptovoltaic cryptovoltaic cryptovolta have proven successful and become interesting as an alternative to gold. Ray Daliano, billionaire and founder of the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, wrote about this at the Reddit forum.

In his communication with users, the billionaire pointed out the similarity of digital assets to gold and „means of accumulation with limited supply and mobility“. In his opinion, bitcoin can be used to diversify them.

„The main thing is to have different assets in your portfolio, including stocks, and to diversify them,“ said Dalio.

Comparing the first crypt currency with gold, the founder of Bridgewater Associates stressed that he would give preference to a reserve asset for central banks.

Earlier Daglio repeatedly criticized Bitcoin. In January 2020 he called the coin a speculative asset that is ineffective as a means of exchanging and preserving wealth.

In November, the billionaire doubted Bitcoin’s prospects and said that if successful, governments would outlaw it.

A week after this announcement, Dalio admitted that he could have been wrong about the first crypt currency.